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B Wongar

B. Wongar was born Streten Bozic in 1932 in Serbia, and went to Australia in 1960. It was while living in the Northern Territory with an Aboriginal family that he adopted his Aboriginal name. His works have been published throughout the world, in many languages, include Aboriginal Myths (with Alan Marshall), Bilma, and four volumes published by Imprint: The Track to Bralgu, Babaru, Marngit,The Last Pack of Dingoes and Raki. He has also published the Nuclear Trilogy (Walg, Karan and Gabo Djara) and the first volume of his autobiography, Dingoes Den (Imprint Lives). He lives with a pack of dingoes in Victoria.

For more information on B.Wongar please go to his official site


The Track to Bralgu - B. Wongar
Imprint - ISBN 02071711 48 3
128pp - $12.95

The White man has strangled the country by stealing the magic that made rain. That is the image of the tribal country I encountered earlier in The Track to Bralgu and Babaru (both first published in Les Temps Modernes)... lyrical documents of our time, a time monstrously savage.
Simone De Beauvior

This remarkable volume of stories, including 'The Tracker', is introduced by Alan Paton.



Babaru - B. Wongar
Imprint - ISBN 0207170 69 X
108pp $ 9.95


Marngit - B. Wongar
Imprint - 0207170 70 3
138pp $12.95

The Last Pack of Dingoes - B. Wongar
Imprint - ISBN 0207171 47 5
146pp $12.95


Raki - B. Wongar
Imprint - 07145 3031 X
270pp HDBK - $29.95


Dingoes Den - B. Wongar
Imprint Lives - ISBN 1875892 58 3
280pp - $19.95


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